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Mammological collection

The mammological collection of Samarkand State University is a component of the collection fund of the Zoological Museum of this university. The history of its formation is described in the previous section. The colletion includes 726 specimens of 70 species beloging to 26 families of 7 orders.

The mammological collection of Samarkand State University includes 49 species (45.7%) of the mammalian fauna of Uzbekistan. Most fully represented are the orders Insectivora (60.0 %), Carnivora (48.0 %) and Rodentia (59.5 %), as well as both the species of the order Lagomorpha. One of the most amazing exhibits is the stuffed Turan tiger caught in the upper course of the River Amudarya in 1905. There are also specimens of 20 mammalian species outside the fauna of Uzbekistan - from the regions of East Europe, Siberia, the Far East, as well as species obtained from zoological parks.

The most part of the mammological collection was made in four regions of Uzbekistan. The most numerous were collections from the mid- and lower courses of the River Zarafshan (29.9% of all specimens) including 36 species of 6 orders, and from Pamirs-Alai region (28.7% of all specimens) represented by 24 species of 6 orders. The collections from the Desert Kyzylkum constitute 8.4%, while those from the middle and lower courses of the Syrdarya river, 2.6%. The collections from other regions of Uzbekistan are represented by sole specimens. For 22.6% of specimens, location is not indicated. Twenty-four specimens of 11 species, mainly in the form of stuffed animals, were obtained from zoological parks and nurseries.

The earliest specimens in the collection date back to 1905, while the latest, to 2006. A significant expansion of the collection took place until 1970, while the most intensive contributions took place from 1951 to 1960. In this period, 377 specimens were included into the collection (i.e. more than 50% of all collections).

96 specimens of the mammological collection are stuffed animals situated in the diorama or in glass cabinets; 15 are skeletons. Skins of 615 specimens are kept in special collection drawers of the collection. Practically all specimens in the collection, including those exhibited are provided with detained labels.


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