New contacts

The construction of communication network of key figures is started on the basis of web-site www.zool-col.uz. It will allow getting the necessary information about biodiversity in the future. The communication network is represented by the following experts now:

A.A. Atakhodjaev National University of Uzbekistan. The collection of the chair of zoology, 23578 speciments. alisher.atakhodjaev@zool-col.uz
N.Yu. Beshko The Nuratau State Nature Reserve. Ornithological and mammological collections, 337 speciments.natalia.beshko@zool-col.uz
A.R. Jabbarov The Samarkand State University. Ornithological and mammological collections of the Museum of chair of zoology, 3734 speciments.abdrashid.jabbarov@zool-col.uz
N.V. Marmazinskaya The Samarkand Regional Museum of Local History. Ornithological and mammological collections, 1004 speciments.natalia.marmazinskaya@zool-col.uz
O.V. Mitropolsky The ornithological and mammalogical collections of humeral bones, more 10000 speciments.oleg.mitropolsky@zool-col.uz
Yu.O. Mitropolskaya The Institute of Zoology of Uzbek Academy of Sciences. Mammological collection, 6685 speciments.yulia.mitropolskaya@zool-col.uz
N.V. Soldatova The Ecocenter Djeiran. Osteological collection of mammals, 1027 speciments.natalia.soldatova@zool-col.uz
A.G. Ten Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds. Internet-based spatial database about birds of Central Asia "AVICA", more 3000 records.anna.ten@zool-col.uz
A.K. Filatov The Institute of Zoology of Uzbek Academy of Sciences. Ornitological collection, 5514 speciments.alex.filatov@zool-col.uz

We plan to increase this list and invite to cooperation people who own appropriate databases and ready to make contribution on creation of an information network for conservation of a biodiversity.


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Translated by Javkhar Khodjaev
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